Ideas For Charity Auction Items: Where to Get Great Packages

Your auction committee became excited about the charity auction till the donation rejections piled up. Sound familiar?

Perhaps corporations for your locale are tapped out. Or maybe your organization is not the “best” agency on the town and you are suffering to secure the better auction objects.

If you have asked all of your friends and own family for donations but are nevertheless arising quick inside the acquisitions location, here are ideas on in which to get excellent objects.


Hands down, the pleasant way to raise cash in an public sale is to sell a hundred% donated items. But when you can not secure a donated item, you may buy it at a discount. This is called consignment.

Consignors often specialize. Some cognizance on travel, such as trips, cruises and airfare. Others offer sports and Hollywood memorabilia. One consignor I recognise sells lady-friendly gadgets which includes earrings, furs, and purses.

Most consignors offer the objects for a base fee, possibly providing you a $three hundred handbag for $150. If the purse sells for $230, your company makes $eighty, the unfold among $230 and $a hundred and fifty.

Tip: Be sure to work with a consignor offering a “no chance” policy, meaning that you won’t pay for an object except it sells. And make sure to check a consignor’s references.

The advantage of the usage of is a consignor is apparent — with one telephone name, you can cozy exciting new objects to your charity public sale. But the possibility price of using a consignor may be exquisite. Once the cash is counted, the consignor might also take domestic greater coins than you.


You possibly already recognize that you’ll get a better reaction in your solicitation letters in case you deal with the letter to a real individual. “To Whom It May Auction Item Ideas Concern” is not too effective whilst you’re soliciting for a terrific public sale item to be donated.

But monitoring down the ideal character, identify, and address can devour hours. Who has that form of time?

Bypass the paintings via renting a procurement database. When you rent, the agency who owns the database is answerable for maintaining contact records contemporary. You craft your letter, the owner of the database oversees the mailing, and you await donated objects to arrive.

The database additionally permits you to strategically target submissions. If your guests love spa applications, use the database to mail letters to 500 global spas. Is golf a crowd preferred? Send 1,000 letters to golf courses and merchandisers. Lean heavily on the organizations you know your crowd will experience.

The benefit of this technique is that it slow might be spent crafting a compelling letter instead of updating an old procurement database. But recollect that is a numbers game. The extra letters you send, the extra donations you’ll get hold of. Don’t buy a small part of the database and anticipate to hit a procurement homerun.


Once reserved for bridal registries and kids Christmas lists, Amazon Wish List is now used by charities seeking in-kind donations. You can add items to your Wish List from any internet site, making it easy to song the whole thing in a single area.

After you have set-up the listing, ship electronic mail blasts to supporters with a link in your listing. This tool is probably ideal for the ones individuals satisfied to offer, but have had no good fortune procuring donations on their own.

The benefit is convenience. New products indicates up on your step! But some nonprofits have found the account tricky to installation.


If your neighborhood chain store declines to donate, do not be amazed. Many country wide chains manage all charity auction donation requests from headquarters. Before using in your local mall, recollect first traveling a business enterprise’s website.

Most businesses will have you ever whole an internet donation request form. Many of these paperwork require similar information, so maintain a spreadsheet reachable along with your enterprise’s details (e.G. Assignment, 501(c)3 number, gala records).

After you publish your request, it’s a waiting sport. Some groups right away problem you a letter of recognition and observe it with a donation. Others just ship you a donation. Some by no means reply.

The gain of this technique is easy — it is so handy! Procure donations nationally without talking to every person, from the benefit of your own pc. But it’s time consuming. Applying for, tracking, and following up with each agency is an exercise in employer and endurance.

In a nutshell, there are numerous approaches you acquire gadgets. The nice way is attaining out to the ones you recognize to relaxed a a hundred% donated object. But while those donors are not donating, you’ve got these gear on your again pocket.