Application of titanium powder metallurgy in China

Existing technology for instruction of metallic impact powder coating will make the procession got many defects. There is a new technology for instruction of the metallic impact powder coating that can make up for the shortcomings of current technology.

Preparation of recent generation precept 20 28 powder and blessings of the existing process is applied metallic fabric,Guest Posting that is in powder coatings upload the following process to put together metallic powder coatings. This method inside the production process are at risk of burning, explosion, and the obtained metal manganese powder coatings uniform steel dispersion, metal substances, upload a large quantity of spraying gadget for excessive impact spray effect. New technology is to feature steel substances and materials with the instruction of metallic powder coating, an awesome approach to the shortcomings of existing era.

Preparation of the key standards of the new generation is using steel materials and elements dispersant. Metallic fabric is selected the usage of a wax-coated metal material, use of dispersants are acrylic dispersant machine. As a general steel coating with out wax remedy, inside the extrusion technique, due to the shear pressure of the screw, destroyed the metal shape of the authentic association, in order that loss of the unique steel flash impact, which isn’t always as much as the original metallic flash powder coating metallic effect. The new technology used by the small length of the steel material itself, but thru the wax coating technique. Extrusion system, the wax below the protection of its authentic arrangement of the shape will not be undermined, however damaged into small metal powder dispersed into the coating gadget. In the baking technique, the small steel floating within the wax, driven, underneath the movement of the dispersing agent is lightly disbursed to the film floor, as a way to acquire the impact of metal flashing

New generation blessings: (1) Metals and raw materials are delivered together, reducing the friction among the metal substances, metallic substances due to inhibition of the friction caused among the combustion, explosion and other phenomena, improves the production of safety. (2) Metal substances and base metals, components through the extruder with extrusion shear mixing inside the extrusion manner, the metallic cloth right into a uniform powder, dispersed powder coating gadget, acquired after crushing uniform steel powder coating, the coating is effortlessly gain uniform steel impact, and greatly reduce the amount of metal substances, the necessities of the spraying system became notably decreased. (three) Increase the usage of steel inside the law, non-conforming product may be at once re-processing, greatly enhancing the yield of completed powder, and fee savings. The present non-conforming product procedure can’t be reprocessed without delay, and re-treatment manner more difficult, less than the authentic steel effect. (four) It has an amazing anti-static effect, and substantially improves the flour yield, saving the quantity of powder.