Audrey Gellman Talks About Why The World Needs More Women Entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurs are an important and powerful part of the modern economy. Their resilience, intelligence and ability to multitask allows women to make an impacton the  corporate world.  The 2019 cover of Inc. magazine featuring Audrey Gellman was all about celebrating this notion. This edition included the magazine’s “Female Founders 100” list that included women who were creating inspiring businesses at that time, Audrey being one of them. She is the founder of The Wing, which is a woman-focused co-working space. It was established to provide women with a venue that allows them to expand their professional network and augment their business prospects.

Audrey Gellman underlines the need to encourage women to become business leaders

Women entrepreneurs can play a crucial role in driving growth in businesses through their innovative thinking and dedication. Certain reports even underline that women entrepreneurs have a more nuanced view of risk which allows for greater business success.  In fact, in the interviews conducted after her magazine appearance, Audrey Gellman also mentions that she hopes that women would take greater professional risks and make sure that their voices are heard within their companies. Audrey is a political strategist and entrepreneur who became the first visibly pregnant CEO to appear on the cover of a major business magazine.  She has a visible baby bump in the magazine cover photo which is aimed at making a statement that women can be successful entrepreneurs even after embracing motherhood.  Women at all phases of their life should be encouraged to follow their dreams in regards to their career, even if they are pregnant or have recently become mothers.

Unfortunately, even there have been several instances where women fare incredibly well in the corporate world; they do face a number of roadblocks in their path. One of the biggest issues faced by them is associated with acquiring enough capital to start off their venture.  Even with all the progress made in society, the corporate world in particular, women still face biases and barriers to gaining the necessary capital to start a business. In fact, certain reports even say that found women generally start their businesses with about half as much capital as their male counterparts. Women are also only a third as likely as men to access venture capital or angel investments. Audrey Gellman herself highlighted these disparities in investment capital that women-led businesses receive as opposed to men-owned ventures in her interview, and encouraged a rethinking of this dynamic. True progress for women in the corporate world can only come after they have at least been given the equal chance as their male counterparts. But this seldom happens. Acquiring capital is the very first step of starting a venture, and women face many troubles in getting through this hurdle that more often than not they feel discouraged. However, it is crucial that they keep up with their dedication and hard work, cause with time, they would surely be able to succeed and show the world why it is important to have more women in entrepreneurship positions.