Wow Leveling Bots – THE SIMPLE Way to Lose Your WoW Account

World of Warcraft leveling bots promise to handle all the menial tasks that we all hate. Leveling from 1-80 is really a long process, so many players turn to programs to take care of this boring task. Because you are here reading this, that has to mean you are also searching for the easy way out. Be warned, this can get your account banned permanently.

These programs can do a lot more than just level your character from 1-80. They are able to also made to farm for gold, to fish, and do repetitive profession tasks (like Gem Cutting). Additionally, there are quite a few for farming honor for PvP. However they also hide an awful surprise.

Wow leveling bots are only game hacks that can dupe the machine into believing a standard person is on another end. Blizzard will certainly ban your account from the overall game if you are caught using a leveling bot, or similar cheat. Automod bot didn’t design the game to be played as a single player game, and can take actions against those that try to treat it this way.

WoW leveling bots are also known to house key loggers. These key loggers, as the name states, log the keys you press on your keyboard. Information they can gain includes:

Your account information .
Your Credit Card information in the event that you buy things online.
Other confidential passwords and information that you enter into your computer.
The price you purchase these programs could be much higher than advertised.

If you are considering downloading a World of Warcraft leveling bot [], think about what can happen. Not only to your World of Warcraft account, but your life.